Invite ALL guildless players / MASS GUILD INVITE

What will this macro do: Invites all guild -less players on you /who window and whispers them a promo message

How to use: Type /who in your chat, window will pop up, then activate this macro on your actionbar to invite them to you guild
/script n=GetNumWhoResults(); i=1; while(i<n+1) do c,g=GetWhoInfo(i); if(g==””) then SendChatMessage(“Hello “..c..”! <SoldOURsoulFORgreens> is a friendly guild looking for new members!, join now!”,”WHISPER”,”COMMON”,c); GuildInvite(c); end; i=i+1; end;
Type /who 1-10 and you’ll be displayed all player in your server who is between level 1 and 10
Type /who gilneas 1-10 and you’ll be displayed all players who are 1-10 level and located at gilneas region

For horde: Replace COMMON with ORCISH